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TimeHub is a division of PayrollHQ Group Ltd

We’ve been thinking about the future of payroll management.

Having helped payroll managers for over 20 years through our payroll companies Comacc The Payroll People and Just Payslips we’ve learned that the key to effective payroll management is fast and accurate capture, calculation and processing of employee attendance data.

Having decided to come back into the payroll space, we wanted to create a solution through which we could make the biggest difference in the lives of employees, payroll managers and businesses in general. As a result, we are excited to be launching a fully mobile, cloud based Employee Time & Attendance system – TimeHub.

Anyone who has ever managed payroll for a company of any size knows that it can be a stressful and time consuming process. One which impacts every person in the company. TimeHub allows you to easily capture when and where your employees work, for greater compliance, payroll accuracy, and insight into employee productivity.

TimeHub capture’s your employees’ attendance where they are, using the devices they like to use. Get rid of old, clunky time clocks or worse, paper timesheets and let your employees clock in from their smartphones instead. You can also set up fixed TimeHub terminals at your business using a dedicated iPad or Android tablet or even a computer.


Employees want to know they are being paid accurately for the hours they work.

No more Timesheets

No one enjoys filling out or working out timesheets.

More accurate payroll data

No more keying times into your payroll

Avoid Time Theft

Have the peace of mind that you are only paying the wages that you should.

No expensive hardware.

Get a Smartphone, iPad or Android tablet set up in seconds. 


Manage employee rosters and allow TimeHub to work out the correct hours

Faster payroll processing

Everything is calculated for you

Rule Based

Takes out interpretation and favouritism  

Mobile or Remote workers

Clock where they are.

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