What could saving just 2 minutes per employee per day through more accurate capture of the hours your staff work mean to your annual wage bill



To find out how much your current manual Time Sheets or Punch Clock is potentially costing, click here or on the image above and you will have access to our Savings Calculator. In the Yellow fields    simply enter the number of staff you have, their average hourly rate, normal hours per pay period and the number periods per year and hit Calculate. You can even print the results so you can refer to it later.

We work with businesses just like yours, to save them time and money on managing their employee time and attendance.

Our innovative, cloud based, time and attendance system - TimeHub, which uses tablets (or smartphones) as time clocks, in conjunction with our intelligent "Employer Portal", improves accuracy while reducing the time it takes to pay your staff.

Research has shown that businesses can save between 2% and 5% on their annual wage bill by improving and automating this critical area of payroll management. It would be great if we were able to do the same for you.