We've been helping NZ employers with their payroll needs for over 25 years. We're passionate about employee time & attendance and payroll (weird we know).

We offer a personalised service, tailored to your specific business needs, so whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered.


Steve and Bev Nathan

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Time and Attendance System Needs Analysis Worksheet

We have created a comprehensive guide which will help you take a strategic approach to working out what you need in an employee time and attendance system. 

Why managing staff attendance manually may not be good for your business

Here are some of the common issues we have seen in the 25-years we have helped businesses improve their payroll processes. This has been backed up by International Research

Guide to keeping accurate Employee Records

The Employment Relations and Holidays Acts require employers to maintain wage, time, holiday and leave records for their
employees. Employee records must be made available to employees, their unions and Labour Inspectors if they ask for them. They
can be kept in electronic or paper files and must be kept for six years.

11 Point Time Attendance System Checklist

11 Point Time & Attendance System Checklist. We have prepared this 11 Point Checklist above to help you work out if you need to consider moving to a better Time and Attendance System